Sunday, December 2, 2007


I love to play soccer because it helps me to release stress. I love to play soccer especially during exam week. This week is the week i get stressed out the most because of the amount of work due in so little time. But soccer on the other hand the more stressed i am the more i love to play. I actually have more fun playing soccer right now then when i was officially on a team. I bet everyone can relate to me with this topic. Maybe not soccer but I am sure some other type of sport or maybe a hobby.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Article on Today's Interviews

The article was very interesting. Reading about how companies and firms are picky when it comes to interviewing people. The risks employers are willing to take are crazy. Companies are willing to lose several good workers just to avoid one unpleasing worker. Employers are starting to be really picky during interviews making them last for a whole day. Employers are really trying to crack down into the applicant to figure out the person’s personalities and to see truly what type of person they are going to bring into their environment. It really all comes down to your personality and your people’s skills. The article mention how employers can teach employees technical skills but when cannot be learned is people’s personalities. I enjoyed reading the article very much, it will help me prepare for my future interviews.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dual Code Theory

I was up one night watching the TV, and I saw a commercial on a truck. What caught my attention during the commercial was not the truck but the beautiful sexy girl beside it. I realized at that moment, the company of the truck was using a female model to increase the attraction of the car towards that public. This was a cause of dual code theory. When a company uses more then one subject to advertise a product. We see this all the times, in magazines, TV commercials, ect. The commercial I saw was in Spanish, it was a Chevy truck and next to it was a model girl just posing. Somehow for a moment I thought to myself if only I had that truck I could get that girl….lol.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

working in a group!!!

Working in a group has its pros and cons. I kind of like the idea about working in a group, because it forces a person to listen to other persons prespective views on a project. As one professor always said 1+1=3 implicating that if 2 students collaborated in a project together they should develop the amont of work as if it was 3 students. The experience i have had in my Eng 304 group was not to a good start. We had a group of 4 members but their was a lack of communication on all 4 members not just 3. So one of our member decide to join a group which had 5 member already making it 6 total memebers and we were left with 3. But the good thing about this is that the 3 of us have been meeting together and been working pretty effectively together. I guess in the end Angie like you said during my interview, "sometimes things fall apart but then they come together and work out even better"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Interview response

I'm glad Angie made us have a mock-up interview because I feel like it helped us prepare for a real interview. I think the personal questions Angie asked during the interview help one to get a good feeling on what to prepare for and what to expect. I think I will do a lot better and feel more comfortable in a real interview because I have been through the same process or at least a similar situation. I think this is a great exercise and I feel like it should definitely been done in the years to come.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Finished the steps!!!

After working for 2 weeks on this project, I finally finished the brick steps on spring st. in Walhalla. Wow they came out beautiful probably the best steps I have been so far. I took me about half a week to come up with a design that would fit the house, and then another half a week to prepare the work area like take apart the old steps and pour the footing for the new steps and about a full week to build them. I will definitely post the steps for everyone to view, once I get some pictures. I still need to pressure wash the steps but Walhalla has a water restriction at the moment so do not know when I can use the pressure washer in the city limits. Just wanted to keep everyone posted on the steps


The presentations were all really great; I think everyone did a good job. I really enjoyed mark's presentation. About his lifestyle in France and the way he lived in an ordinary day in France. I believe I loved the pictures he showed us the most about the presentation they were really nice and easy to relate to. The pictures were clear and showed a lot about the lifestyle in France. It reminded me a lot of the trips I take to Mexico, I do not remember how it is to live there but it still reminded me of the transformation one goes through entering and leavening a country.