Sunday, November 4, 2007

working in a group!!!

Working in a group has its pros and cons. I kind of like the idea about working in a group, because it forces a person to listen to other persons prespective views on a project. As one professor always said 1+1=3 implicating that if 2 students collaborated in a project together they should develop the amont of work as if it was 3 students. The experience i have had in my Eng 304 group was not to a good start. We had a group of 4 members but their was a lack of communication on all 4 members not just 3. So one of our member decide to join a group which had 5 member already making it 6 total memebers and we were left with 3. But the good thing about this is that the 3 of us have been meeting together and been working pretty effectively together. I guess in the end Angie like you said during my interview, "sometimes things fall apart but then they come together and work out even better"

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